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Update on the new tag system

I blogged here about my views on the new WordPress.com built in tagging system, along with my concern that I would have to still add Technorati tags by hand in order to have my tags show up there.

Well, apparently that’s not the case, as user timethief explains:

Hi there,

Thanks in advance for the opportunity to respond to your blog posts.

“The WordPress tags only go to WordPress’ global tag listing, and not out into the greater world of Technorati (where all things bloggy reside). Which means that if I just use the WordPress tags, I’ll get just WordPress traffic, whereas if I keep adding Technorati tags, I get traffic from all over the place.”

This is not correct. All tags and categories assigned to your posts do go to Technorati via pingomatic every time you publish a post. Also both are recognized by Technorati spiders and Google spiders as key words.

I have experimented both with using Technorati tags and with not using them and so have many other bloggers. We found there was absolutely no difference.

The only real change is that tags give you the ability to micro-categorize your blog.


Well, that’s cool. I’m going to take timethief’s advice and just stick with the built-in tagging for a while and see what happens. With any luck, the only change will be in how much easier my blogging time gets. 😀