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My interview in the WE: Magazine for Women blog

Sorry for the radio silence – I took my computer to the shop for a diagnostic that ended up taking almost a week. Talk about your junkie withdrawals. *shudder*

Anyway, to get things back into the groove, here’s a link to an interview I did a few months back with WE: Magazine for Women, that’s just now made it into print. It’s basically just me talking about me, my writing work and my Americorps service.

The formatting is a little wonky and I do tend to go on a bit (when I edit myself, I end up doing a lot of machete work through acres of run-on sentences that tend to clog up my first-run writing like bloated bits of conversational silly string), but it’s not half bad, all things considered, and I don’t come off sounding like too much of a dork. 😀

WE Magazine for Women’s Meet Soni Pitts of Getting Things Done Blog