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New WordPress Tags, and Category changes

Looks like WordPress.com, where this blog is hosted, has implemented a tagging feature in the posting dashboard. So now I can add WordPress tags automatically, without doing the hand-coding of Technorati tags. Which is cool…except…

The WordPress tags only go to WordPress’ global tag listing, and not out into the greater world of Technorati (where all things bloggy reside). Which means that if I just use the WordPress tags, I’ll get just WordPress traffic, whereas if I keep adding Technorati tags, I get traffic from all over the place. So for now, I’m using both the WordPress tags and the Technorati tags, so as to get the greatest exposure. Granted, it looks cluttered and redundant, but it’s the best option I have for now. I may just end up going with Technorati, since it’s the bigger pool of fish. We’ll see.

Also, you’ll probably note some Category changes in the near future. Apparently, if you click in the Category field in the sidebar, you get just my posts that fall under the Category, but if you click on the Category listing in the post itself, you get taken to a global WordPress page with listings for everything posted under that Category tag by anyone in WordPress.com. Which is, I must say, the most asinine arrangement I’ve seen in ages, not to mention confusing as all get-out to someone who’s new to the blog (hell, I’m confused by it and I’ve been here the whole time).

I was not aware of this until just now, when I went looking for info on the new tagging set up. The only way around it is to either host the blog yourself (which I may do at some point in the future, although moving the blog would be a pain) or renaming Categories so that you’re the only one with that Category. Which is what I’m going to try doing. So if any of you have bookmarked one of my Category pages for some reason (I can’t imagine you have, but just in case), please note that the link my go bye-bye in the near future.

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