Please read disclaimer/waiver following the contribution instructions. Thank you.

My purpose in creating this blog is two-fold:

1. Create a place to keep a journal of my experiences, and…

2. Collect stories, blogs, resources and so forth in the hopes of one day turning this whole mess into a book to give new and prospective members an insider’s peek into life in the ‘corps.

You can contribute to building a resource base in three ways:

1. Got an Americorps story you’d like to share? Good, bad or ugly (or even just plain weird), I’d love to hear it. Personal essays or notes, warm-and-fuzzies or warnings, blog posts or journals – it’s all good.

2. Same goes for your blog – if you’ve got a current or closed Americorps blog, I’d love to post a link.

3. And don’t forget to answer The Big Question: “What do I know now that I wish I’d known going into my Americorps service?” Leave your answer here.

I welcome stories, shares and links from existing, previous or potential Americorps members of all branches and varieties of service, as well as from Ameriocorps project supervisors, staff and members. (Please use common sense when it comes to including identifying, personal or priviledged info about yourself, your service project/program or their clients/people they helped – see disclaimer below.)

To contribute, contact me at the email on the sidebar with your contributions, suggestions, links and so on (or leave your Big Question answers in the comments of the Big Question page).


If your story or share is just for the blog, but not for possible later publication, please make that clear when you contact me. Ditto for your name and other identifying information (I won’t be publishing emails and addresses and stuff like that, natch, but info like your service program and location might be used, unless otherwise indicated).

Of course, I’ll make every attempt to ensure I have all permissions in writing before going forward with anything from this end, but comments are fair game, too, and I can’t very easily get later permission to use those. And, you know, sometimes stuff just happens. So just keep in mind that anything on this blog may very well be used when and if I pull something together for publication later, and use discretion accordingly. Your contributing to this blog indicates that you agree to these terms, unless otherwise noted.



3 responses to “Contribute

  1. Hey… I was just randomly searching for other AmeriCorps blogs and found yours. Whenever I get a chance I’ll catch up on what you’ve been doing. I’m nearing the end of my service year (July 31), but it’s been a good run. Feel free to check mine out if you want.

  2. Thanks, d-roll. Dropped by your site, love your writing style! Very immediate and fresh, very journalistic (yeah, some style envy going on…). I’ve added you to my Americorps Blogs section.

  3. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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