Michelle Obama and Americorps

In the US News article, “10 Things You Didn’t Know About Michelle Obama,” was this note:

5. In the early 1990s, following the death of both her father and a close friend from college, Michelle reassessed her life. Rethinking her career path, she decided to leave the corporate law world to work in public service. She took a job in the mayor’s office and then in the city’s office of planning and development. In 1993, Michelle became the founding executive director of Public Allies Chicago, an AmeriCorps national service program that provided training to young adults pursuing careers in the public sector.

It looks like public services is a deep vein in the Obama family. Always good to know.


4 responses to “Michelle Obama and Americorps

  1. Is her being a Marxist and a follower of Saul Alinsky on the list?

  2. Mmm-hmm. Just how deep does this vein run? Now the Inspector General has been fired…just after his inspection of Americorps revealed gross misappropriation of funds. It is an interesting coincidence, to be sure.

  3. I do know that there was a massive problem a few years back – Americorps as a program nearly died out because of fraudulent and poorly tracked claims of hours from members and other funds issues. Not sure if this is related or not. Could just be part of the ongoing housecleaning from that kerfluffle.

    BTW, the paperwork members fill out now is much better regulated, so if it’s related to that, then it’s a problem that’s already in the process of sorting itself out. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case – like all gubment programs, Americorps hardly turns on a dime. More like 40 acres, lol.

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