Is Americorps about to go BOOM?

In this brief piece, the author talks about the increasing need for more programs like Americorps and Peace Corps to absorb the coming influx of Baby Boomers who are going to be suddenly finding themselves retired and looking around for something to do with their time that doesn’t make them feel like an old fart.

The writer mentions the Americorps Senior Corps, along with Peace Corps and Experience Corps, as great options for aging go-getters, but notes that more will be needed.

He may have a point. There are a lot of Boomers out there, and these programs are only so elastic. Perhaps we need to start working on ways to make use of this incredible and probably unique population surge of restless energy. Wouldn’t it be great if one of the legacies of the Boomer generation was the creation of even more powerful ways to serve others.


2 responses to “Is Americorps about to go BOOM?

  1. I had such an awful time with my AmeriCorps experience that within two months I wrote and published a book about it but I’m curious what your experiences were like as well. I really wish there were more ways to inform the public about being a volunteer for AmeriCorps but I’m having a hard time. Anyway, if you’re interested in checking out what I wrote, you can read the first few pages for free on Amazon. It’s called, “I Wanted Sunshine But Ran Sideways” By Jenn Ruben

  2. Cool, thanks! Sorry you had a bad experience, but that’s part of why I feel such books are important. People should go into the corps having made a fully-informed decision.

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