Category Changes Update

Okay, so here are the category changes. Hopefully, I’ll be able to corner the market on these titles for a while, or at least until I decide whether or not to move the blog.

Original Category —> New Category

My Life —> Soni’s Life
Blasts from the Past —> Service Year 2000-2001
Events —> Americorps Events
Rants —> Soni’s Rants
Stories —> Americorps Stories
Random Blathering —> Blatheration
Fun Stuff —> Soni’s Having Fun
Volunteering –> Volunteering and Americorps

People —> I just deleted this one, and let the posts fall under whatever other categories they were listed under

Plus, I’ve added an Americorps News, A Lifetime of Service and a GTD Housekeeping categories, which should be fairly self explanatory.

So, that’s that done. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming…


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