Americorps Alums Site Tour

As a way to encourage Americorps Alums to join up on the Alumni site, and as a way to help others find the tools and resources they can use, I’m creating an Americorps Alums Site Tour series. Each post will explore one page or resource that the site offers, complete with linky goodness, reviews of the resources if I know enough about it to do so and so on.

Hopefully, this will not only allow Alumni blog readers to find more of what they’re looking for, but with any luck, the keyword usage and tagging will help get the Americorps Alums name out there just that much more, and increase the odds that someone will stumble across it on their Americorps-related searching.

I’ll post links to the tours posts here as I get them written.

Go Alums!

Americorps Alums Site Tour – An Overview
The good news – the site’s chock full of useful resources. The bad news – usability is awful.

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