Americorps Alums speed link post

Here are just a few things crossing my radar of interest to current members and Americorps Alums.

The Indiana University of Bloomington is starting up a new student association for students who are Americorps members or Alums. Their first meeting will be the 11th, and free pizza is on offer. (Ah, free food…the most effective Americorps bait there is.) Anyway, to check it out, drop by the IUB blog for more information.

The Americorps Alums site is launching a new book club to encourage conversation and community dialogue among Alums.

Check out the new My Americorps site, where members can learn all about how to access your educational award online, generate tax documents and proof of service papers, and other stuff relating to using the Segal Americorps Education Award. Warning – I tried to log in to my account just now and it never seemed to load. Dunno if it’s a “right now” issue or an ongoing problem.

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