The prodigal blogger returns

Yeah, I know, I’ve been a slack-ass about keeping this blog up now that I’m out. Part of it is, of course, that I have less to blog about Americorps-wise now that I’m not actually in service. But the other part is that I’ve been busy getting and doing work that pays the bills while at the same time trying (mostly in vain) to get my business website updated and relaunched.

Excuses, excuses, I know. And particularly bad timing, since it’s the start of a new Americorps year for a lot of programs and there are a lot of Ameri-newbies on the blogosphere running around trying to find out about the ‘corps and here I am not saying anything. My bad. I really am going to try harder.

So, if you’re out there and come across this blog because you’re searching for answers about Americorps ASK ME SOME QUESTIONS! That way, I’ll have something to write about. You can either leave them as comments in any post, or email them to me directly (see the Contact Me widget down on the sidebar). Otherwise, I’m going to have to start making them up. And dog only knows where that will end up. 😛

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5 responses to “The prodigal blogger returns

  1. Do you have to be in college? I thought I’d always understood that but now I’m not so sure.

    • Donna, no you do not need to be in college. In fact, I’m not sure how you could do both at the same time, since pretty much all ‘corps postings are full-time, all day, year-long jobs.

  2. Soni,
    My son is going to be an all-nights college program. I guess I just thought there was some time of education component to Americorps like I thought there was to Peace Corps. Thanks

    • A lot of kids in Americorps are doing it after between their 4-year and their graduate work, but many do it between high school and college or (like me) in no relation to schooling at all. He could conceivably do it along with night school, but he’d be exhausted and there would probably be some scheduling conflicts.

    • BTW, it occurs to me that you might be thinking of the Educational Award. You do get an award of (last time I looked) just under $5000 per year of Americorps served, to be used to pay for tuition or student loans. And student loans can be forborne during Americorps service so you don’t have to pay on them while you’re serving. So their is an educational component, it’s just more on the financial end of things rather than the schooling end.

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