The Never Ending Project update: I’m sticking a fork in it and calling it done

FINALLY, the weather cooperated long enough so that I could finish the last of the painting on the Emma Center today.


Of course, when it comes to painting and the like, my lingering bits of OCD can kick in and I can keep finding things that “aren’t quite done yet” and that need just a bit more work literally forever. So I learned some time ago that some projects just won’t end all by themselves – you have to consciously decide when they’re done and call it a day. Took me long enough to learn that, but it sure comes in handy on projects like this, because in all truth painting is never really “done” – it can always look a little fresher, a little smoother and a little neater.

Adding to this nagging sensation is the fact that since I was painting an existing structure that has been added to over the years (wooden ramps to the doors, a wooden table to hold rain water collection barrels and so forth), there were places I simply couldn’t get into to paint (between the ramps/porches and the trailer, behind the table, etc). You can see down in there where it’s not painted, which aggravates me to no end, but it’s simply physically impossible to paint it unless you want to dismantle the ramps and whatnot (uh, no). On the plus side, you can only see these spots if you’re looking really hard. Which most people won’t. I mean, who spends their time peering down between a porch and it’s attached building?

So, at some point I simply had to draw a metaphorical (and, in some cases, literal) line, paint as close up to it as I could, and then step back, put down the brushes and say, “This further and no more. It’s done.”

And that’s where I got to today. Done. Fini. Over.

I hereby declare this trailer painted within the scope of my natural ability and the constraints imposed by reality and the laws of physics. May God have mercy on it’s soul.

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