Things I did this year for the first time

Spending a year in Americorps is a great way to learn and do new things. Here is a woefully incomplete list of some of the things that I did for the very first (and maybe only) time as part of this year’s Americorps service.

This is, at best, an extremely abridged list – I’ve skipped over a lot of little things and no doubt I’ve missed some biggies that just aren’t coming to mind right now. But that will give you an idea of the breadth and depth of new experiences that I went through in just one year (and doesn’t take into account the stuff I learned during my first year with Habitat for Humanity).

For those of you just now coming into Americorps, I’ve got just one bit of advice: buckle your seat belts, ladies and gentlemen, you’re in for a crazy ride.

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2 responses to “Things I did this year for the first time

  1. Even though I have only been an AmeriCorps*VISTA member for about a week I have already learned so many new things.

  2. Yeah, I would have to say that given the intensive orientation phase, the learning curve of Americorps can be rather heavily weighted toward the front end. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Then again, I was learning new stuff right up until the day I left, so if nothing else I can guarantee a tour in Americorps is never boring. Frustrating, inspiring, aggravating, dumbfounding and downright maddening sometimes. But boring? Never.

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