Homework club vandalized

The Pisgah View Homework Club I was assigned to this last year was broken into recently. The latest ChildrenFirst Newsletter carried a short piece about it and a call for donations to replace what was gone:

PVA Vandalized

The Project MARCH Homework Club at Pisgah View Apartments was vandalized and some items were stolen. The break-in occurred during the recess between the summer enrichment program and the upcoming start of the after-school program. Stephanie Johnson, Project MARCH Coordinator, creatively used the temporary boards placed over the broken windows to reinforce the positive message that Project MARCH exemplifies in the Pisgah View community (see photo).

Following is a wish list of items needed before the club reopens. Please call 828-259-9717 if you can donate or purchase any of these items for the Homework Club.

Cordless phone and answering machine
Set of Motorola walkie-talkies for staff
Board games – especially Mancala
Sporting goods – basketballs, soccer balls, jump ropes, tennis ball with the velcro “mits,” other appropriate outdoor recreational equipment for elementary-age children
BrainQuest (2nd grade and up)
Five long folding tables and 12 folding chairs

The fact that the thieves took our heavily used board games and sporting equipment leads me to think it was teenagers (or stupid grownups who haven’t bothered to grow up) who thought their life just wouldn’t be complete without filling their closets with used and beaten-up toys stolen from children. Your average hardened crackheads wouldn’t have bothered hauling out half of that stuff, as there’s not much street value in an abused board game or BrainQuest books.

!#%*&*!! losers. Hope they’re happy. ‘Cause stealing toys from kids who don’t have all that much to begin with just so you can get a taste of some of that sweet, sweet Mancala goodness (missing pieces and all)…well, that’s just how you bring it on the street, dog.

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