Curses, foiled again

Got up early today (after a crappy mostly sleepless night, even) to finish up the last few hours of painting touchup that will finish the paint job on the Emma trailer and finally get that job off my “to do, already” list and the hovering weight of it off my shoulders. It’s been a week + since I’ve been able to get back there at a decent hour to get any work done (before nine there’s too much dew and after about noon, it’s too damned hot for the paint to go on right) and since I’ve just got a few bits of touch up, it’s been driving me crazy to be that close to done for so long and yet not be able to just get in there and whack it out.


Hurricane Dean seems to be throwing some (I’ll admit, much needed) rain our way. I had hoped I could get what I had to get done, done before the rain came in (it was scheduled for later today), but 10 minutes after I touched paint to brush here it came.


True, it cleared up by around 11:30, but the weather forecast calls for a good chance of thunderstorms all week and I didn’t want to get started – again – only to have get rained on – again – and by then it was already too hot anyway, so I just gave up. I’ll hold off until next week, when the hurricane leftovers should be done with and try again.

That is, if Mother Nature could kindly &*#@%!! condescend to allow me a 5 hour window (2 to paint, three to dry) between too wet and too hot to do it in.

*shakes fist at sky*

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