The Never Ending Project

Spent the day at Emma today, playing volunteer and doing still yet more painting. God, you’d think it’d be done by now, but it’s tough to make progress when you can only work a few hours at a time, a day or two a week. By midday, it’s either too hot to paint (the paint gets all thick and nasty in the pail, making it too thick to apply nicely) or it rains. And here lately, it’s been doing both.

Managed to get in several hours today, enough to get the rest of the cut-in work done on the back, but not enough to roll out the second coat, since by then it was hot enough that the paint would have just dried on the roller pan. And while I was up on the ladder, I realized the back window trim needs a second coat. Lovely.

But it goes. The checklist to date is: roll out second coat on back wall, second coat for window trim, trim out bottom of trailer (a lately-added decision, since we have the paint to do it), then do punch-list/touchups where needed. Feels like more than it really is, to be honest. I just wish it would go back to those lovely cool, overcast but not rainy days of spring. You could get a whole day in with weather like that. 😀

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