The party is dead. Long live the party!

It’s been a real whirlwind of a week winding up my Americorps year (plus getting doctored up to my eyeballs before the insurance ran out) and to be honest, it’s not exactly finished for all that. I’m still going into the Emma Center, where I was assigned, as a volunteer to finish up a few projects that aren’t done yet (the weather has prevented me from getting the last bits of painting done on the trailer for the past week and a half), and there will be ongoing paperwork regarding the Educational Award and so on.

But for all intents and purposes the party’s over – the food table is down to crumbs and greasy dishes, the guests have all gone home, the band’s been disbanded and the balloons are floating forlornly by themselves on the empty dance floor, trailing their ribbons half-heartedly through the confetti like bored kids drawing in the dirt.

And I, dear readers, am standing in the middle of the floor under the disco ball with aching feet and an up-too-late headache, feeling all sad and mopey now that it’s over.

But damn. It was one hell of a party.

Oh, it had it’s ups and downs, it’s grand moments and stumbling miscues. But all in all, it was everything a party should be.

It lasted long enough for everyone to have their fill, but not so long that we all got sick of it. The band played and the party danced right up until the last song with every ounce of their energy. And even if a few of us weren’t so sure about the playlist when it started, in the end we all enjoyed at least some of the music and even got attached to the players.

We met friends we never knew we had, and exchanged numbers and promises to keep in touch. Don’t know whether we will or not – intentions are always strongest in the afterglow of a communal good time and tend to wither in the harsh sunlight of the day after – but it’s a more connected world out there than it used to be, so I have high hopes.

We all tried new things – new dance moves, new refreshments, new ideas – and shared old favorites. We learned about and had fun with each others’ unique wonderfulness. Challenges were encountered, assessed and met with the accompaniment of sparkling laughter and cheering support.

And throughout the event rousing sub-parties formed, swirled brightly under the lights and then melted away to reform anew somewhere else, mixing and remixing the party with energy and laughter and a contagious strain of goofy fun, so that there was no corner left stagnant or unstirred.

Here’s to the party! Long may it’s music ring in our ears, long may it’s taste linger on the tongue, and long may it’s memory brighten our days.


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