Last day of service

Sorry for skipping yesterday’s post. I didn’t get in from work until late (had a dentist appointment on top of that, to boot) and just didn’t feel like cracking open the old bit-twitcher once I got home and got sucked into the loving embrace of a new novel by one of my favorite authors.

Anyway, today is my last official day of service. I’ll end up coming back for a while anyway, if for no other reason than I still need to finish the painting on the trailer (there’s just a bit left, but the weather has been downright sodden lately and it hasn’t been dry enough to get those last bits finished this last week). And there are still a few projects that I don’t want to leave cold, and I’ll need to collect July’s volunteer data for the office, so I’ll be around.

It’s been crazy this last week. My brain-bits resembled nothing so much as a flock of pigeons that has just been run through by a 5 year old – pppfffffttttrrrrrrr. Scattered all over the place and with no discernible flight plan. I’ve been running around trying to get all ongoing projects finished (or at least to a point where they can be easily finished by others) plus maintain my regular duties.

In addition to that, there’s been exit paperwork to do (necessitating scheduling a trip to the office around all the other slalom-like flags on my calendar), databases to start entering data into so we could see if it’s all working (it is, more or less – woohoo!), a dentist appt yesterday and a doctor appt today (got to take advantage of that insurance while I’ve got it), my own personal business to try to bring up to speed so I don’t get sucked into homelessness when I lose this check…and much, much more!

There’s a nice graduation party tonight at the Governor’s Western Residence. I’m even going to shave my legs so I can wear a dress (yeah, I know…the shock of it has the whole center here in an uproar).

After that…well, like I said, I’ll be winding down my work here over the next week or so, and I’ve told them to give me a call if they need me and if I can swing it, I’ll help out. Like I said, I’ve got my own copywriting and marketing strategies businesses to spin up to speed, as well. I’ve got a few nibbles on the line, so cross your fingers.

In other words, I’ll be plenty busy-busy.

And I’ll be keeping up with this blog, too, although probably not daily. I will keep up with my adventures in navigating Americorps Educational Award land and dealing with any remaining paperwork, plus writing about Alumni stuff and articles of interest to those considering joining Americorps. And, since I still want to write a book about what you need to know before you join, I’ll be using this blog to keep notes, comment on my progress and so on.

So, I’m not abandoning anyone. We’ll stay in touch.

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