The end of summer camp, and more exhibits

Yesterday was the last day of summer camp, and the photo/awards show at Pisgah View for the PVA and Woodridge summer camp kids (we folded 2 outstanding students from Woodridge into the PVA group so they could go, since Woodridge wasn’t funded for a summer camp).

So, even more photo-y goodness, and I got kid-mobbed when I arrived. Apparently the kids missed me (yeah, I missed them too). The photos were great, and they all got a gift certificate for free ice cream and a book when they were presented with the developed pack of photos they took. As each kid came up, the counselors (my fellow Americorps members) spoke about the student’s strong points and what they liked about them. Then we had ice cream.

Very cool.

The main YMCA Outreach group also held a photo show at the Ramsey Library gallery on the UNCA campus later that night. One of the Y leaders had interviewed the students about their photos and made a CD of clips, and you could pick up a CD player and view the exhibit while listening to the interviews, which was spectacular. Considering the photos were being featured in a nice library gallery, it was gratifying to see them treating the kids’ works with the same level of respect and attention as the regular exhibits. Some of the kids had even received offers for prints of their photos! How cool is that?

It was a great experience to see all those photos and hear the artist talking about them. Very posh. This was an amazing idea and I hope they continue doing it in the years to come.

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