1700 hours completed – wooohooo!

I was getting antsy about the upcoming juggling act between the service year ending on Tue, but my timesheets not being ready until afterward if I was going to have to record them until the end of my service. After emailing my program coordinator about it, she said that most of us would have our hours done before the end of the month, and if we did we could turn them in before.

So, I went back and put all of my hours to date into the timesheet spreadsheet (I usually save that task for the last day) and…

Wooohoooo! I actually completed my hours sometime in the middle of Tuesday the 17th!

*snoopy dance*

Not only does this mean I successfully completed my term of service (which I wasn’t actually worried about), but it means I don’t have to play shell games with my timesheets and exit interview on top of handling my ongoing assignment responsibilities and getting to a doctor’s appt on my last day. Sweet!

Next stop, graduation!

Edit: For prospective Americorps members, please note that finishing your time before your service year is up means nothing but the fact that you may be able to turn in paperwork early, or that if you break your leg or something that puts you out of work, you’re covered. It does not mean you quit showing up for work or coast out your last days, weeks or (dear heavens, when did you sleep?) months.

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One response to “1700 hours completed – wooohooo!

  1. Congratulations. I’ve been catching up on all your recent entries. I reached my 1700 a couple weeks before my end-time, and couldn’t pull myself away, even though I was actually given the option.

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