Look, ma…I’m a mediator!

can callz a negosheeators?

[live reenactment above*]

Completed my first live mediation tonight, and it was a success!

I was scared spitless going in, but my co-mediator was a real pro whose style worked very well with my own personality, and the process went as smooth as silk. Sweet!

No details, of course (confidentiality and all that), but it involved the custody of a small animal who is loved intensely by several different people and not at all amenable to being split in half (or more). Solomonic wisdom notwithstanding, I think it finally worked out in everybody’s best interest, including the little heartbreaker’s.

*A note to sensitive readers: The comments that were alongside the source photo indicate that the object of adoration above is a toy bird, not a real one. No animals were injured in the making of this post.

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