Bang your head…

Spent the morning finishing the painting of the trim on the back of the trailer. A good way to spend some time alone, which I needed considering I’m still at the intermittently weepy stage of dealing with Friday’s horrors and didn’t feel like being all cheerful to clients and such. It was a good decision, as it turns out, since “attitude man” came back today to butt heads with yet another staff member (and got nowhere, again) and went out in a huff (again) without me noticing.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure dealing with him in my current state would have been productive, for values of productive approaching “explosively craptacular.”

Speaking of banging your head against a wall, I was this close to having that database done. Really.

But there’s this form, see. And it keeps breaking. And, since this is a legacy form from the original template and I didn’t create it, I don’t know why. The thing is, this form does a bit of fancy footwork that I’m pretty sure I can’t replicate (it opens reports that are filtered based on the record you’re currently looking at – way over my head) and that I pretty much want to keep.


Probably what I’ll end up doing is just creating a report or two that will be the most likely requested filtered ones and kludge in the filtering by way of criteria that will have to be entered, then scrap the busted form and build a newer, less useful one. Pity, that.

But hey. That’s what you get when you hire an amateur to do a code monkey’s work. If I knew what the hell I was doing, I’d be making a lot more money. And I’d have groupies.


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