In memoriam, Gracie

On the way home from work today, I learned that I had to put my sweet little munchkin kitty Gracie to sleep. Immediately. (It was heading toward closing time and the weekend – if we hadn’t made the decision to do it right then, we’d have had to either pay the super-expensive weekend vet to do it or risk having her die a slow and painful death over the weekend.)

Still don’t know what she was ill with, but she was a tiny kitty (about 5 pounds) and had about 2 cups of fluid swelling up her abdomen and making it hard to breath. Vet says probably cancer, maybe a handful of other things. We’ll know for sure next week sometime, when the tests come back.

But it’s too late for Gracie. Vet said that no matter what it was, she’d never seen a cat get to that stage of water retention and it come out good, and that anything we’d be doing would be for us, not her. So we did what we had to. I’ve had cats all my life. I’ve had to put several of them to sleep. And it never, ever gets one tiny bit easier.

So no Americorps blogging today. I’m sure you’ll understand.

Rest in peace, my sweet kitty. Keep my spot warm up there for me.

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