Zombies 1, Soni 0

It’s gotta happen occasionally, one of those days when time (for all or part of the day) just seems to stretch out into infinity like a wad of gum between your shoe and a hot summer sidewalk.

Today was one of those. At one point, I was sure it was almost time to go home (5:30-ish) given how zoned out and putty-brained I was feeling, but when I looked at the clock it wasn’t even 3!

Gahhhh! ARRGHH!!! BRAINS!!!!!! I need BRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It started with the fact that Tuesday means getting up a half-hour earlier to pick up food at the MANNA food bank, and this morning turned out to be a real bugger in terms of gaining and maintaining consciousness (probably had something to do with being jolted out of a sound sleep at around 4am by some crack ho outside screaming at…someone, maybe or maybe just her own demons. Always fun! (Note: this was a singular occurrence for what is otherwise a reasonably tame, if not quiet, neighborhood. It was really kinda freaky.)

I picked up a bit through the middle morning, but apparently tripped and fell over somewhere around one and didn’t get back up again.

By 4:30 my brain was complete mush, and by 5:00 I was wandering around the office with a vacant expression (which was way more than skin deep, I’ll tell you that) looking for anything that would zap me back into life. Which proved to be a futile task, unfortunately.

Nicely enough, I find work at the Emma Center to be challenging, interesting, varied and downright fun. So you can understand my depth of feeling when I say I was never happier to see 5:30 as I was today. There was just nothing left at all, not even a burned out husk. Just a shadow of a reflection of a passing thought that might, once, have been me.


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