My arms have fallen down and they can’t get up

After painting wore my arms down to useless little stubbules Thursday, I spent all day Friday endlessly slogging through more monolithic piles of database-clearing data-entry crud, eventually managing to click myself into what appears to be an arm-coma. That’s why no bloggy last night. The thought of sitting down in front of a computer for any more clicky-typey made me want to hurl, and my arms were simply to shaky to keep my face above water if that were to happen, so I decided to pass.

So what do I do today, on this beauteously calm, cool, cloudy-yet-not-rainy Saturday? That’s right! More painting. Spent the morning getting the public sides of the building to a near-done stage, so I’ll just have the back to finish over the week.

It was a lovely day for painting, and between me, hubby and another volunteer, we got quite a bit done in a few hours. But I’ll be surprised if I can zip myself into a pair of jeans for the last group meeting/cookout tomorrow night. At the moment my arms are feeling just slightly numbish, but I have a feeling that the feeling’s going to come back with a vengeance as I sleep. We’ll see.

In the meantime, a professional eye (hubby’s) says, “no more heavy stuff on the tops of those rickety shelves.” Ergo, Monday will bring much rearranging and restocking of an entire food pantry’s worth of canned goods.

Don’t cry for me Arm-gentinaaaaaaaaaaaa….

‘Cause I’ll be cryin’ enough for both of us.

(All I need now is a heated rock/paper/scissors tournament to finish me off for good.)

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