It’s good to know your limits

Boy, are my arms tired. No, that isn’t the punchline to some lame joke – my arms really are tired. And sore. I spent the morning painting the trailer, using a roller on a big stick to paint up high, and now my arms and upper back feel like I swam the English Channel or something. Stupid geek musculature. And I was thwarted from my goal of finishing the back entryway area by the large industrial air conditioning unit, over the top of which I could not reach to paint and can’t for the life of me figure out how to get to without ending up on the roof, which (it being a trailer, and none too overbuilt at that) I really don’t want to do if I can help it. Maybe hubby can pull a rabbit out of his “25+ years of construction experience” hat when we go in to work on it this weekend.

On another note, we got a new fancy-pants multi-line/multi-feature phone system today. Or rather, we got boxes full of what will be a phone system when some tech person gets it all hooked together and running. And that tech person will NOT be me. I spent a half hour scanning the manual before deciding that my knowledge gap too big to bluff my way through. And, not being male, I have no intention of risking shutting down the entire center’s phone capability to prove otherwise.

Basically, the initial hook-up is a hardware issue and I’m a software geek. Fancy-pants corporate phone systems require things that look suspiciously like routers and switching boxes, which might as well be magic as far as I’m concerned.

OTOH, once tech-dude gets the wires and nuts strung together, I can easily work my way through the intricate and none-to-intuitive programming of features and stuff, given sufficient time and caffeine, and provided the default passwords will work (it’s a hand-me-down system – the United Way building where our main office is located is undergoing a thorough rebuild and we’re the beneficiaries of someone’s office upgrading largesse – so that’s not a sure thing).

But hand me a cable, and I’m more likely to strangle myself with it than do any real good. That’s how I messed up my shoulder in the first place at the beginning of the school year – overstretched the joint trying to hook up a computer. Yeah, I can figure out how to build an Access database more or less from scratch in a few weeks simply by poking around an existing template and reading a few online tutorials, but I crippled myself for a year and counting putting two plug ends together.

What can I say? Even geeks have their niches.

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