A peek into the mind of an end-of-year Americorpse

This is a cross-post from my personal blog, for any of you cross-blog readers, and is my excuse for my recent poor posting schedule therein.

This is the last month of my Americorps service and I’ve been up to my asphalt in “hit the road, Jack” planning and wrapping up.

Questions abound:

What am I going to do when I get out?
The choices are legion – go back to school, get my copywriting and marketing career up to speed, update my website, sit around and make like a tired sloth for a month, get a job, start a new business or three, mope around and sponge off hubby like a lazy parasite, have a nervous meltdown – and a goodly portion of them are either A) mutually exclusive or B) mutually reliant on the others’ completion. Or both, which is just mindbending when you think about it.

What do I have to do before I leave?
I’m responsible for a lot of projects at work right now and for providing several varieties of data, some of which I may be completely unaware of. Which of these am I in danger of dropping the ball on and which am I forgetting about entirely? Only time will tell.

Why does everybody have to schedule everything on my last few days?
So far, I’ve got a dentist appointment the day before my last day, a doctor appointment on my last day, a graduation dinner (mine) to attend on my last day and maybe something else on my last day which is still too nebulous to blog about here but which, if it actually pans out, will be both seriously cool and seriously surreal. (I’ll tell you about it one way or another, once I know which way it’s likely to go). What is it with you people? You’ve got all frakking month. Use it!

On top of thinking about all of that, I’ve got my daily tasks of saving the world and providing said service with a smile (and reporting the resulting data in triplicate).

Brain fall down, go ‘splody.

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