Haulin’ stone for Pharoah

Spent Friday doing your all-purpose, grunt-work data entry for the main office. Nothing fancy, nothing exciting, but it lets the guy in charge of getting the program’s fundraising efforts up to speed and into hyperdrive concentrate on doing that instead of spending several days doing mind-numbing data entry work.

That’s the shakes of being an Americorps member – you usually get assigned to grunt work rather than high-falutin’ fancy-work projects replete with creative challenges, demonstrations of your 1eet skillz, and that are basketloads of fun. And yet, every last iota of that work is (at least in most cases) excruciatingly important, if for nothing else then allowing the highly paid professionals to get on with their highly skilled jobs instead of wasting their time counting beans. It’s how important work gets done. Lots of little people piling stones on top of one another until at last the pyramids rise from the earth to touch the sky.

So you might say I’m akin to the ancient pyramid builders, only I’m the guy holding the rope and not the guy holding the papyrus floor plan. Which makes for a dull day, true, but the guy with the floor plan couldn’t get jack done without the guy holding the rope. 😀

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