Victory is mine, sayeth the geek

OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHO! IS! YO! MOMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am, sucka, that’s who.

*cue monkey dance o’victory*

So, in case you hadn’t guessed already, Project Access This, Suckas has now moved out of the “WTFOMFGwhydon’tyoujustshootmenow” hacking about randomly like I know what I’m doing design stage and into the next phase. Which, is of course, beta testing and feature creep. Basically, I’ve got the thing finished to the point that it is actually functioning more or less as requested, with a few random bugs that need troubleshooting and with the inevitable “that’s really great…by the way, can you make it do (insert heretofore unmentioned function that will create another week of work here)?” feature request queue started up.

Well, yeah, of course I can. Or at least, you know I’m gonna try. Because I’ve got that sucka on the run now. I know where it lives, I’ve jacked the PIN to its personal home security system and when it hears an ominous bump in the deep, dark night that’ll be me, slippin’ up the stairs to open a freshly shaken Gulpzilla-sized can of carbonated, 100% organic whupass all over it.

BoofrakkinYAH, sucka!

Ahem. Anyway, that’s me for the night. Ta!

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