Did I say momentum? More like Momento

Gah. Every time I get one step forward on this database thing, I end up discovering that step was leading me into a blind alley. Part of the problem is that I start making headway, it’s time to go home. And while my computer has Access 2000 – fine and dandy for what I need it for (i.e. not a damn thing), but completely non-functional for working on this Access 2003-built database at home. So by the time I get back to work, I’ve forgotten a good part of what I figured out and have to try and pick up the threads from the cryptic notes I leave myself. Kinda like that guy in Momento.

*le sigh*

Boy, I tell you – learning how to create a complex database from scratch by diving in to an existing template and fighting your way through the thickets with a machete and an online tutorial is heavy going. 🙂 But I will prevail! Or not. Getting hours either way. 😀

Still got a month to go. Cross your fingers and don’t click on any icons you don’t recognize.


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