Finally, some momentum kicking in on the database

After spending my morning alternately poking at the database with a pointy stick and having my brain promptly collapse in gibbering confusion when it responded, I think I made some real progress on it this afternoon.

Finally managed to either overwrite or delete whatever it was that was causing the previous hangup and am moving forward. Made some headway into creating the myriad tables required for such a complicated undertaking (basically distilling an application that is 4 pages front and back of tightly-packed information), started to stumble across some useful functions (like being able to drag-and-drop new fields to existing forms) and otherwise am feeling just a wee bit cocky in my geekmanship. Of course, it remains to be seen if I can actually wrestle this overgrown, pixelated hog into submission or not, but I feel more confident that I can at least give it a good try.

Also, did some puttering around in the food pantry and realized with a sickening sense of vertigo that the two main shelving units (upon which are stored many, many pounds of painfully heavy canned goods) are leaning precariously outward and their legs are bowing out to the sides.

Clearly, hull integrity is failing.

*cue warning klaxons*

She cannae keep up at this rate, Captain! Something’s bound tae blow!

Damn it, Jim, I’m an Americorps member, not a structural engineer!

*cue pensive, but dashing, flicker of concern on our daring Captain’s face as he ponders this life and death situation over a frosty pair of ice-planet vixens*


Anyway, the Director and I spent a rickety few moments handing off heavy cases of canned corn and green beans and full boxes of canned applesauce, so at least the top shelf is free of anything but a few empty boxes to keep others from re-stacking stuff up there. I moved some of our surplus to a storage closet and our plan is to simply let the stores on those two shelves dwindle to the point where we can empty them and get a better look at just how far gone the infrastructure really is. It may just need some reinforcing. Or, it could be dead shelf standing. No way to know until we can take it apart and get a good look.

In the meantime, we’ve got a whole load coming in tomorrow morning (not as much as normal, since I didn’t order replacements for the stuff we have oodles of, which is most of it, but a lot nonetheless), and the big issue will be trying to convince the volunteers to just stack the boxes of food rather than unpacking them to the shelves like they always do. I put up signs on the shelves asking that no more be put on them. I hope it works.

Too damp to paint today, but some hope for tomorrow afternoon. Onward and upward!

And for those who can’t get enough cheesy Star Trek fun, check out Steam Trek, a steampunk Star Trek parody skit.

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