A beautiful day to paint

Spent the afternoon at Emma Center with hubby whacking away at the painting of the trailer. I did most of the work (I hate volunteering hubby for hard labor unless I don’t have an option), but he played the part of support team and also got all the high stuff I couldn’t reach, even with a ladder 😀

So, to update, the front (as in the big side facing the road, not the short side with the entrance) has one good finished coat of paint, both body paint and trim. Still a few niggly bits of touchup to do on a few bits of the trim, but we’re about out of trim paint, so that’ll have to wait until we get some more. Also got all the body touchup done on the ends (except for one tiny bit around the decking handrail towards the back – I ran out of paint in my hand-bucket right about the time I got too tired to paint anymore, so figured I’d leave that for the next go).

What’s left to do – a second coat of body paint all around, finish and touch up trim on sides and front, paint and touch up trim on back. So, we’re well more than halfway done. Wohooo! Plus I got to spend a nice Sunday afternoon working with the hubster, doing some good and making the world a better place and whatnot. Always fun, that.

And I only got heat exhaustion once! Actually, I think it was just a bit of metabolic overdrive triggered by the caffeine in a bottle of tea I drank to cool off with, although I must say I was a bit pale even allowing for the micronized titanium dioxide sunscreen I wear that makes me look downright undead. And it was at the peak of the heat curve for the day. So you never know. In any case, getting all dizzy and nauseous while standing 10 feet up on an extension ladder is no fun, whatever the cause, so I went in the air conditioning and chilled out for a few while hubby clobbered the high bits. We’re a good team like that.

Hopefully, between me and some hardy volunteers, we can whack out the rest of the trailer over the next week or so. Most of what needs to be done is in the back, which is A) out of public view and B) pretty much entirely shaded all day by the woods behind the trailer, so we can take it at our own pace and not get too hot. Now, just got to get 2 more gallons of trim paint and we’ll be set.

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