Puttering about in a pointless manner

Spent today puttering about mostly not getting a whole lot of things almost kinda sorta started.

First of all, I planned to spend the greater part of the day working towards finishing the painting on the trailer, only to discover that A) it was too hot to paint – the paint in my take-along container was getting all thick and sludgy well before I could use it up – and B) we need more trim color paint to finish the job in any case.

Okay, so that didn’t work out. Next up, I decided to work on the client/services database (not the Time Dollar one, a different project) only all of the functional computers were being used at the time for more important tasks. So I ended up rattling around doing odds and ends of busy-work to keep busy until one of them was freed up. Which got annoying real fast, so I gave up and ate lunch instead.

Finally, I got a computer and set to work trying (and failing miserably) to divine something useful out of the labyrinthine entrails of Access that were spread across my desktop, when we took a direct hit from the Random Thunderstorm Configuration of the Day (TM), which zapped the power.


So I sat around a while in the dark and did nothing, at least until the power came back on. Which really differed from the rest of my day only in that my not-doing-anything-ness was more obviously visible.

When the power came back up, I went back to panning metric assloads of Access sand for tiny bits of useful gold, only to wind up re-downloading the template I was customizing when it became clear that the one real problem I was having was completely beyond my ability to track it down and beat it into a bloody submissive pulp.

On that note, a small aside to Microsoft:

I can haz useful error message, plz?

I appreciate that somewhere, somehow, I’ve introduced an extra ) into a query string including the term =(Customer ID). Thanks for the heads up. My bad.

Now, since you can obviously detect this error with near-Godlike precision, could you please go the extra pixel and tell me where, amongst the just barely less than infinite instances in which this particular term occurs, this apparently critical, “until I fix it I can’t complete a function without which the entire database is pretty much moot” typo actually is? Because as it stands, that error message is just marginally less useful than a warning light coming up on my car saying it won’t start because I have a kink in my wire. ‘Cause, ya see, there’s a whole lot of them. Some of which I probably don’t even know exist. And since you’ve already detected exactly where this little breakdown in good punctuation exists, a quick little “edit this entry now” box (or even some half-veiled, teasing hint as to where this lapse might be found), would be amazingly helpful.

K’thanks, bye!

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