Under pressure

This week coming, we’ve got 20-some-odd volunteers busing in from Mississippi to paint the Emma Center trailer that houses our offices and food pantry. Why are they busing up from Mississippi to paint our trailer? I have no idea, but they are and we’ve got to be ready when they get here so we don’t waste their time.

One of the things that has to happen before you paint a building is paint prep, and that means getting the structure pressure washed, among other things, to remove dirt, grime, algae, stains and other junk that would keep the paint from sticking.

Luckily, hubby’s a contractor who just happens to have a pressure washer. So he and I spent 7 hours Saturday afternoon and evening pressure-washing the entire trailer by ourselves. It’s cool, in that I learned a new skill, but man. I am beat. Hopefully I can get hours for it, but if nothing else hubby will get a receipt he can use to deduct the fair market value of the service from our taxes (being the accountant in our family, I’m making sure of this).

In any case, the trailer has never been so clean. Bring on the eager volunteers!

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