Got a bit further on the whole database thing (not done yet, but getting there).

Had a mad rush for food boxes around the middle of the day that kept me and a few volunteers happily humming along in the food pantry.

Got to play in the garden for an hour or so. (HOT! But fun! And we put in oodles of sweet peppers – and guess what? When I was looking up the varieties we had to see what was what, I discovered that there’s a variety of hybrid sweet pepper called ‘Soni’. How cool is that?)

And I even got to go Home Depot shopping on the way home with the center’s garden-stuff-only gift card (got a few packs of pegboard hangers for the tools, and got some BT dunks to keep the skeeters out of the pond and water barrels).

All in all, I had a great day doing cool stuff the end results of which will help a lot of people. Booyah!

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