Almost not quite there yet…still

Finally, the lady I needed to talk to about fixing the database felt well enough to come in to work (she’s been out sick for a while) so I could sit down and run through the problems they’ve been having and get some basic info that would allow me to start getting the Emma Bucks system up to speed. Excellent!

So we talked, I got what I needed to know and when she left for the day, I set to work. (She leaves at 11 or so and I use her computer in the afternoons, since the alternative is using the GerbilTron2000 and I get far more done on her computer, even accounting for spending half the day waiting to use it, than I would if I spent the entire day banging my head against the GT2K).

Even better, from what I discovered by talking to her and walking through the program, it seemed like I might even be able to get the whole database thing (at least the basic infrastructure part) wrapped up that day, or soonly thereafter. Sweet.

Except that once I got in there, I realized that the information she had was incorrect (although not her fault) and now I have to wait until I see her tomorrow to get it straightened out. Grrr…

Anyway, tomorrow’s another day and hopefully I can get it straightened out and rolling downhill at a steady clip by the afternoon.

BTW: Man, I love doing the food pick-up at the MANNA food bank. Let’s me get my shopping jones out in a big way without spending my own money and while helping other people. Score! Oh, and whoever donated the Shortbread and Samoas Girl Scout Cookies to the food drive – you so rock. We’ve sequestered them in the staff kitchen for safe keeping, just in case of…well, you know…a cookie emergency or something.

Hey, it could happen.

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