Going bananas

One of the joys of being in a program that offers a food pantry is getting donations of food from cool local stores to supplement our food bank stuff. It’s also one of the downfalls.

A day or so ago, the local granola-crunching, sandal-wearing whole foods store sent us some organic yogurt, milk and other goodies. Which was fantastic.

Today, they sent us a donation of organic bananas.

Seven cases of bananas.

All of which are just about 2 days from being uck.

To top it off, pretty much anyone who was going to come in to get a food box came in and got it yesterday. (And to make it even worse, hubby – who was being super nice and picked them up for us – dropped the dolly full of banana boxes onto his big toe, which caused a mighty painful injury and may cost him the nail. Stupid bananas.)

What in dog’s name do you do with seven cases of almost-not-quite-gone bananas, the day after food box day? I mean, they’ve all got to be gone by the end of tomorrow, or we’ll come back from our weekend to an office full of…well…I’m not sure what it will be full of, but I can bet you it won’t be pretty.

I put a few bunches in the office freezer for future smoothies (they turn all black and icky-looking, but the ‘nana parts stay good and they make slush-tastic frozen smoothies). I also brought a few home for the same purposes, which I have already pre-blended with a strong hit of lemon juice to prevent ickification. One of our regulars came and took 2 cases, dog help her, and someone else grabbed a smaller box of them. But that still leaves a lot of bananas to contend with, even accounting for the entire case of yucky ones we sorted out and hauled to the compost bin.

Lucky for me, I’m going to be on another site tomorrow, so I won’t have to deal with it. Worst case scenario, bananas do make a right fine compost, especially for roses. And we do have a few ailing rose bushes out in the community garden. Hmmm…

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