Community gardening and cookouts

Sorry for the skipped post. We had an Americorps cookout last night and as a result I got in late and just went to bed after a brief stop to pick up some supplies and pot out my porch flowers (two varieties of dianthus) so they’d quit complaining about their legroom and pretending to die (they are such drama queens, but they smell so good how can I deny them anything).

Anyway, we’re having a few cookouts at random intervals to sort of make up for the meetings we’re not having. It’s a way of keeping in touch and whatnot. Thom and I took some sandwiches as our main meal, and the staff brought corn for roasting, chips and dips, salad, kabobs and other cook-outy foodstuffs. It was good eats all around, and we all got to catch up with what the others were doing and so on. Fun!

I’ve started making inroads into understanding the TimeDollar database they’re using here, and I need to do a little research to determine if it would just be easier to move the whole thing to their new online system (it may well be).

Spent this morning out in the garden getting muddy and cruddy putting tomatoes into the community garden plots, and I wore my grungy jeans and old Americorps t-shirt from my Habitat gig with all the paint and stuff on it, so I looked distinctly disreputable for most of the day. 😀 But I had fun and it was an absolutely GREAT day to be out in the garden – it was overcast and cool with a nice breeze. The hot sun came out almost exactly 10 minutes after I finished, and it’s raining now, one of those nice watering-in soaking rains, which puts the cap on it being the bestest day evah for gardening.

Tomorrow, I’ll get on that TimeDollars research and maybe put in some peppers and basil, depending on the weather and the state of my clothing. 🙂

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