If we’re meeting, it must be Thursday

My first Emma Thursday staff meeting as the new Americorps went great! Got lots of issues resolved or discussed or delegated out to whomever they needed delegate to. We also made some headway on the new services use policies that will hopefully prevent abuse of services and related general chaos resulting from the human tendency to gradually work your way from asking for help to demanding it to just assuming you can take it whenever you feel like it as you get more comfortable and familiar with your provider.

I got a few ideas about what they wanted to do with the garden, plus set some time lines for apprenticing on the database system and getting the parameters for what they want me to make it do (cross fingers and hope I can remember how to work Access – it’s been a while). (And no, I won’t be doing it on the GerbilTron2000.)

I walked away with a handful of notes and action items, then worked through lunch with another staffer to pound out some ground rules for the new community garden policy we’re going to put into place to take the place of what is basically a random grab-a-plot-and-go non-system. Fun!

Oh, and no more fights with the GerbilTron today. I know when I’m licked.

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