Mediation volunteer orientation proves fruitful

Went to the orientation meeting at the mediation center, taking that one further step toward becoming a certified mediator. Turns out, it’s actually something like a year or two long process involving between 10-20 mediations (depending largely on some not-yet-finished legislation) and more trainings.

It’s a scary thought, when you realize that you’ll be mediating with real people who have real problems that will actually be affected by your abilities, rather than role-playing with folks you know and love. And at first, I was set back by the 2-year commitment to this thing (and more, since it’s a practicum certification in that you have to keep mediating and training if you want to keep your certification), but then I remembered that this was one of the reasons I moved here – to become a part of this community in a long-term way and to use my time to try to make the world a better place. So, I figure, since I plan on being here anyway, why the hell not?

Ergo, I’ll be signing up to go “on call” for mediations as a rank newbie a few times a month. I’ll let you know what happens. BTW, I’m also signing on in my “geek” capacity to help with whatever marketing and tech stuff falls within my range of mastery. Fun!

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