First day at the new assignment

Well, my first day at Emma went as well as it could have. I basically spent the day trying to flog some action out of the creaky old 62MG clunker running Windows 98 with Office 97 that will be my domain for the next few months. Removed several large, but utterly useless (or utterly unused) programs, like Microsoft Works, Quicken, Money and the like.

Still barely got more than a minuscule lift out the engines, so I pulled the hatch off the dilithium chambers and whacked the wrench upside the anti-matter containment devices, only to find that the damn thing is crawling with tribbles, er, malware. A scan pulled up several copies of CoolWebSearch, for example, and a frothy mugfull of other foaming nasties. Spybot S&D got most of them. I’ll run Ad-Aware and some specialty cleaners tomorrow to scrape out the far corners, and see if that helps at all.

I mean, at 62 meg it’s not like I’m gonna get a Ferrari or anything. But I’m hoping to make it beyond the digital equivalent of a horse-drawn carriage being pulled by a gerbil with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and at least somewhere within the realm of a motorized skateboard on a downhill coast.

(Heh…my spell check actually has “dilithium” in it – I spelled it wrong the first time – and how cool is that!)

Items first up on my to-do list at Emma include creating a template for a newsletter, eyeballing the Emma Bucks time-barter database to get a feel for how it works before upgrading it to work better and trying to come up with some other database system for storing volunteer info, services used and hours. And that’s to do around shopping for the food pantry and helping out the center’s visitors as needed.

Full plate for two months.

Oh, and they have tea and cookies readily to hand. Always. I am sooo doomed.

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