The parting of the ways

Today was my last day at both the school and the homework club. And while I’ll miss working with my school buddies and the kids and Sarah at the club, I realized today that I’m going to miss the walk between the two most of all. On most days it was a respite from the worries of work, my own private walking meditation that allowed my soul to breathe a little freer between assignments and deal a little easier with the chaos during them.

I spent a little extra time enjoying my walk today, since it’s the last time I’ll be doing it – lingering over the flowers and the cooling puddles of shade, waving at the porch-buddies I’ve met over the year, petting dogs out for a walk and otherwise soaking in the fullness of the day with the bittersweet rawness of sensation that comes from experiencing something you love for the last time.

It was a perfect day for it, too – literally, tinged as it was with the realization that any day now it will be getting to hot to be enjoyable. So while I’ll miss this daily escape from the busy-ness of life, I leave it knowing that I’ve had the best of it these last few weeks and that it’s leaving me as much as I’m leaving it. It is enough. I’ve got plenty to look forward to for the next few months at Emma. (Plus a lead on a killer end-of-corps road trip – hubby and I are both big Evanescence fans.)

The kids who finished the service project this week went to Red Lobster to celebrate that and the end of the year, leaving me at the club to round up the paperwork and records (aside from the fact that I’m a vegetarian, the smell of seafood makes me extremely nauseous). I left before they got back, so I made do with a hasty “bye!” from them shouted on the way to the van as they left, which is as it should be. I’m not one for lengthy leave-taking drama – it always feels awkward to me.

I did have a wee parting ceremony at the school, though, thanks to my supervisor and Ms Ferris. They gifted me with a lovely card, a FACES t-shirt and a gift card to Urban Burrito (my favorite!) to remember them by, followed by a brief group hug and a round of wish-you-wells and promises of reference letters to come before everyone had to scatter back to work. That’s my idea of the perfect good-bye – short, sweet and low-drama. It’s nice to be appreciated. 🙂

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