Grove Park Inn’s Score Fore Kids Golf Tournament

What happens when you get nearly 30 teams of golfers, tons of donated gifts, a beautiful day together and a great charity together? A golf tournament to raise money for Camp We Can Do (the diabetes and asthma camp my more outdoorsy colleagues will be serving at this summer)!

Several of us Americorps volunteered to help out, and we spent the morning putting gift bags together and helping set up the course, and the rest of the day mostly watching grass grow out on the tee’s while occasionally witnessing the drives in case of a hole in one (which, on our hole, would get the lucky duffer a new Monte Carlo) and trying to convince the players to bid on silent auction items (with less than enthusiastic results). No one won our car, but one guy got within 3′ of the pin, on a 190 yard drive with a strong and fluctuating headwind, so that was pretty spiffy. He ended up winning some “closest to the pin” prize, as consolation.

Weirdly enough, they parked the prize car on the other side of the green right behind the pin, meaning that a really powerful shot risked actually hitting the car in question. Luckily, Governor Ahnold wasn’t playing, so the car remained unscathed. But still, not the best choice of positioning from our point of view.

Mostly, the day was just boring – sitting around in a cart with nothing to do between teams coming through. Did get to duck a few rogue shots now and then (I kept the ball that missed me by mere inches for my scrapbook). The most excitement we had was watching the ginormous crows (ravens?) steal snacks out of the golf carts like pros. Smart birds. Got a whole Toast-Chee pack from us, peanuts from at least one of the teams parked at our hole and dog knows what else.

I did get a chance to tour around the course on the back of a cart before the tournament, which was fun. We had three in our group, so I elected to ride standing on the golf bag deck on the back, hanging on tightly to the frame of the cart while we whizzed around the course enjoying the scenery and eating up time before the start of the tourney. Wheee!

Afterward, we were treated to a nice dinner while they handed out prizes, announced winners of the silent auctions, auctioned off what hadn’t gone earlier and pulled the raffle winners.

All in all, there are worse ways to spend a gorgeous North Carolina mountain day than sitting around on a beautiful resort golf course admiring the view and cheering on the local wildlife in their efforts to pilfer snack foods from rich golfers. 🙂

Of course, even though I wore sunscreen and huddled in the shade as much as possible, I’m still painfully toasty across the face and arms. Going to be ouchie tomorrow. May I direct your attention to this much needed precautionary warning?

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