Rachel’s baby shower

Today was the baby shower for our Americorps mommy-to-be, Rachel. ChildrenFirst got lots of stuff donated, from clothes to highchair and pretty much everything in between. The rest of the crew also gave gifts (I still have to order mine, being broke and all that). It was a surprise party, and we pulled it off beautifully thanks to my co-homework-staffer Sarah, who played to part of the misleading transportation assistant to get Rachel there in time and with no clue.

We had a pot-luck style lunch with lots of good eats and I ate my entire week’s worth of sugar over the course of two cupcakes and 3 glasses of Arizona “Green Tea” (really a yellowish-green high-fructose corn syrup solution tasting vaguely of tea, kinda-sorta). So no more sweets for me this week, lest my pancreas leap from my throat in sheer exhaustion.

Of course, there were games. Like “taste and guess the baby food” (which I declined to participate in, given that not all of the mystery baby foods were vegetarian – and they looked pretty gross) and “taste and guess the candy” (chocolate-based candies melted and placed into diapers, which I declined to participate in because I’d already eaten my fill of sugar – and it looked extremely gross). We pulled off lengths of toilet paper we thought matched the mommy-to-be’s belly (the right guess was 10 squares) and tried to think of all the songs we could with “Baby” in the title. Gifts were unwrapped. Hugs were hugged. Pics were taken. All in all a great party.

Still, glad I’m not the kiddo type. Sure looks scary to me.

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