Reddy Freddy rocks the hizzouse!

Soni and the Giant Squirrel

Dude. We rocked.

Although it was a very small yet potent kind of hell getting the event together in the short period of time we had between leaving the Friday Morning Meeting and our start time, we managed it with literally no time to spare (I was coming back into the theater with the CF camera, my last trip to get stuff, as the Vice Principal was introducing the event). Part of that hell was just the grunt work of sorting out and bagging the gifts for the kids. We ended up a few t-shirts short (although we may have had enough, since I was working from an older list during the sorting than I was when we ordered them).

But once I got up there in front of the kids, it was all sugar, baby! I did a brief intro on the Red Cross in general, plunged into the 5-Step Plan (Make a Plan, Build a Kit, Get Trained, Volunteer, Give Blood) backed up by some really nice poster board visual aids I’d spent the week working on. After we went through the 5 Step Plan, we learned and performed the Reddy Freddy song. I’ll spare you the lyrics – suffice it to say the kids really got into it and belted it out like the oxygen content of the room was solely dependent on their decibel level. The marching and dancing in place no doubt spurred some of their enthusiasm. (I think I gave myself a headache from projecting my voice to a whole room of kids – ouchie!)

A special shout out to my Reddy Freddy mascot wearer, Sarah (not my co-homework-club-staffer Sarah, another Sarah – we have two, because they’re so awesome we couldn’t stop at just one), who did an awesome job in the squirrel suit! She even held up without wilting for what basically amounted to a grope-tastic receiving line of hug-frenzied elementary school kids who, despite our attempts to move the lines along, all insisted on high-fiving, hugging, poking, prodding and otherwise engaging in a level of blatant squirrel abuse that under any other circumstances would have brought the ASPCA down on their wee little heads like gravity on a black hole. Only their collective cuteness has spared them from the wrath of the animal protection folks. That, and Reddy Freddy refused to press charges.

Total kids served – 248 (estimate procured from the student list, does not account for absences). Booyah!

So, that’s done. I’ve got one more week to go in the school system, then it’s a week of trainings and on to my next assignment. Considering the sheer amount of assignment switching going on the first week of June, it’s beginning to resemble a Chinese Fire Drill around here. Wheeee!

PS – Oh, yes. There will be pictures.

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