What I did on my (one-day) Americorps Week vacation

Yesterday was our “treat day” for being good little Americorpses, so we were all shuttled out to Biltmore House for the afternoon. I’ve already been through the house tour, which is essentially the Bataan Death March as imagined by Martha Stewart – 2+ hours of slogging through the most egregious display of ostentatious personal wealth in North America. With kids it’s even more exhaustarific, which is how I experienced it. So my enthusiasm for doing it again was, shall we say, less than exuberant. Luckily, the group I was tagging along with decided to pass on the house tour (they’d seen it as well) and we spent the afternoon walking around the garden and grounds, which was still a heck of a walk but at least it wasn’t boring. Pictures were taken, expensive sodas were consumed, flowers were snorgled, etc. It was hot out, but there was a cool breeze and some shade here and there, so it turned out okay.

Afterwards, we met up at the local baseball field for a meet-and-eat tailgate potluck thingy with some past Project POWER alums and the Project Conserve folks. (Who, unfortunately, didn’t get funded for next year, although they’re aiming to pick up again the year after if they can – it sucks, but limited and sometimes vanishing funding is part and parcel of an Americorps program. I hear Habitat for Humanity NC were hit with some serious funding cuts as well. I wonder now if that funding we got back on Friday was what Conserve was competing for. That’s an uncomfortable-making thought.)

After the eats and catch-ups, we got tickets for the game. (Asheville’s team is called the Tourists – that’s right our home team is named after visitors. Rich visitors, but visitors none the less.) We even had our own section of the bleachers reserved for us. One of the Conserve team won the drawing to toss out the first pitch of the night. Good choice – he was all photogenic and athletic-looking and made for a good public representative. I didn’t pay much attention to the game myself. I’m not a big fan of baseball to begin with, and watching it in person is even more tedious than watching it on tv, where all the non-essential shots are edited out and you have a running commentary to keep you from going to sleep during the long periods of not-much-going-on between the momentary bouts of action. Basically, it was a long, chilly (the wind picked up and the temp dropped when the sun went down), butt-numbing way to spend an evening.

Left to my own devices, I guess I’m just a boring old fart. Either that or my tastes in what constitutes a fun day are so far outside the mainstream that they’re on tracks that are all but parallel in terms of intersections. Everyone else seemed excited (or at least interested) in the events, as they were for the rafting and related activities. Me, not so much.

The other day, Thom (hubby) asked just what would I choose if I had to pick the events and I was kinda stumped. For one thing, I just haven’t been here long enough to have a firm grasp on what’s going on within my own radar range of preference. But for another, I couldn’t think of anything that I like to do for fun that would be even be remotely considered a fun group activity. Like cruising Barnes and Noble until my reading comprehension starts to blur. Or going to the zoo mall to watch the monkeys shoppers. Or hanging out on the porch with a cat on my lap, a book and a glass of wine. Or puttering around the blogosphere getting my brainwaves tickled. Yanno. “Fun for the hermitaceous geek” type fun.

Guess that’s why I’m not in charge of the tickets.

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