PVA homework and gardening club meets the giant squirrel-demon of doom!

Yeah, I think that just about adequately summarizes my day.

Today, the kids helped plant some veggies in the flower beds of one of the housing development’s staunchest matriarchs. This is a person that Americorps has previously had problematic dealings with in the past, but something seems to have changed over the course of our NCBI training (see here and here), and she’s really quite warm and welcoming now. Powerful stuff, that community coalition building training. The kids had fun, we did some good and I ended up with dirt in my hair. How? I don’t know. It’s kids. With dirt. It pretty much had to end up with dirt in someone’s hair.

Other than that, I basically spent most of my day getting ready for the Reddy Freddy event Friday. I got a fellow colleague to volunteer to don the squirrel mascot suit, and have enlisted the help of the Vice Principal (basically there in a supportive position) and my supervisor (to assist Freddy, if need be), so it’s looking good! Been putting together poster board visual aids and learning the summoning incantation of the giant squirrel demon Chitteroth Reddy Freddy disaster preparedness song.

I’m starting to dream about Reddy Freddy. And that’s always a bad sign.

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