Communication problems and dropped balls

Apparently, today my homework club after school colleague called in sick. Unfortunately, nobody thought to call and tell me. So I ended up walking to club after school (enjoying the smell of the wild roses which have just exploded into bloom all over the place, btw), ate lunch, did a little early work studying for my Reddy Freddy presentation this Friday and otherwise hung out waiting to start the afternoon.

But when no one had shown up by 2:35 (we open at 2, but if there’s a snack re-supply run, Sarah can be up to half an hour late getting in depending on traffic, and I thought that might be the case), I called her and discovered that she was at home in bed with some nasty bug or the other and that she had called in that morning to let someone know she wouldn’t be coming in. Theoretically, that someone was supposed to then call me. Somewhere along the line, that ball got dropped.

No colleague means no homework club, because we don’t run when there is only one person in the club. It just isn’t feasible. I thought about waiting to see if one of our volunteers was coming, but we only have one or two and they don’t always stay the whole day, which would just leave me all by myself at some point or another. So I ended up hanging around until 3:30 or so until hubby could pick me up, updating records, heading kids off at the door and calling parents to let them know. Stopped by the office to pick up more Reddy Freddy training gear and scope out the give-away goodies on the way home and called it a day.

It’s frustrating, because if I’d known we weren’t going to be open earlier I wouldn’t have had to call hubby off of work with no warning to come get me, which I really hate to do. As it turns out, I got lucky and it was okay today. But on any given afternoon, he’s up to his tool belt in painting, remodeling or otherwise engaged in some complicated, expensive and involved activity that can’t just be dropped to come get me without a few hours warning and a large degree of planning and careful timing. Which would have left me stranded in a housing development by myself until he finished. Not that I feel unsafe there – I’ve never felt threatened or in danger to this point – but still. That’s a long time to hang out by yourself in an area of town where pizza places refuse to deliver and the local PD had to create a special task force just to cover adequately.

Anyway, it’s over and done with, and I made it home okay with nothing worse than a grumpy attitude to show for it. But we aren’t going to be open tomorrow, either, because we’re being “treated” to an afternoon of field trips for Americorps Week, so that’s two days the kids are missing. Granted, during EOGs (end of grade tests), it’s not like they’ve got much homework anyway. But that still means two days without a more or less guaranteed safe place to hang out and get all positively role-modeled and stuff. *grump*

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