Preparing for post-corps life

Today’s training focused on how to write a resume. Good presentation, great handouts.

The ability to craft an effective resume is a key skill to have if you’re looking to take on a regular job once you get out of the ‘corps, as most of my colleagues will be doing. I was ambivalent about the training for my own self, though. Being demonstrably not corporate material, I’ve spent a lot of time and effort building my own business as a writer so that I don’t have to work for anyone I don’t want to, and the prospect of ever having to do anything that would involve writing a resume gives me shudders. Still, it’s nice info to have in your back pocket in case life doesn’t shake out the way you’d hoped, God forbid.

Halfway through the training, our program director Tammy (who does the grant writing) got a phone call from a major grant source, who was calling with the news that, despite funding cuts of almost 40% and competition that makes the Tour de France look like a friendly group ride through the countryside, we were approved and fully-funded by State Competitive grant. The person on the other end was then summarily cheered by the entire team, who whooped it up big time – there was every chance that we wouldn’t get it. So, looks like our program is fully funded for next year. Go Tammy!

To round out the meeting, we learned how to do tie-dying. It’s one of the first art activities on the list for the summer program, so it was great to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t. Note for future reference – wet the t-shirts first, then add dye. We tried it the other way at first, and it just wasn’t working worth a hoot.

So now, I’m the proud owner of a pink tie-dyed t-shirt and a blue tie-dyed ‘wife beater” tank top, although I think I’m going to further customize the blue tank with a bit of bleach pen art. Huzzah. Now I can dress like I live in Asheville. LOL!

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