Peanut butter, smeanut butter – today they got to play with house paint!

We were asked to do a service project with the kids to help prepare for the development’s grounds beautification event this Saturday by priming a couple of plywood boards with battleship gray latex enamel paint.

Whooo boy. Give an elementary school age kid a roller or brush full of permanent house paint and the fun just doesn’t end!

Before they were halfway done with the boards, there was paint on shoes, paint on clothes (we did ask them to go home and change or bring paintable clothes, so hopefully nothing irreplaceable was ruined), paint on bodies, paint on hair (amazingly, a paint-loaded brush will drip in a steady stream if you just hold it level, especially if you do so while carrying it over the top of a fellow student), paint on me, paint on the ground…well, you get the idea.

Afterward, the fun didn’t let up – paint mysteriously managed to get all over the back stair porch rails, the back door latch, the shrubs out front…and so on.

Surprisingly, the plywood boards actually did manage to get a good coverage. I had begun to wonder if there was going to be enough paint left over to actually prime the boards – the answer is yes. 🙂

So, we got the project done, and eventually got the paint off the house, off the brushes, off the rollers, off the kids, off the hair and mostly off the rest of what wasn’t suppose to have paint on it.

Dude, I thought peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were an invitation to disaster. But they’re child’s play (heh) compared to enamel house paint. LOL!

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