Teacher Appreciation Week is killing me with kindness

For the last week, there have been all manner of goodies in the teacher’s lounge. It’s downright maddening – doughnuts, sweet rolls, and today a full lunch spread (after a morning of donuts and sweet rolls, of course).

Now, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth at all, so it’s not like I’m having trouble with the prospect of eating these tooth-and-gut-rotting goodies. I basically just ignore them. But the problem is, I have a very strong love of food, which expresses itself in an equally strong desire to eat whenever I see food, even if it’s food I don’t want and have absolutely no intention of eating. And free food sets that off worst of all, ’cause it’s all wantonly displayed and come-hithery and inviting, and there’s absolutely nothing preventing me from grabbing some. Except my own sense of self-preservation, that is, which luckily is strong enough to keep me out of too much trouble (still working on that portion control thing – my mind can’t possibly believe I’m going to stop eating before every last scrap is gone, and fights back all aghast when I try, LOL).

So, I see a table of junky sweets and stuff and, even though I don’t want any – really, that much white sugar wrapped up in a gummy white flour dough is just shudderingly disturbing and makes my pancreas cringe just contemplating it – now I’m all hungry and tummy grumbly because it’s Food Free For The Taking and I didn’t. Bah.

I did snag a plate of salad from the lunch buffet of awesomeness sent over by a local bistro, though. Unfortuately, most of the awesomeness was chicken-based, so only the salad appealed (along with a very small square of fudge, about all the sweets I can take at once). But still, free salad is something I can definitely get behind. In fact, I have more salad tucked into my lunchbox (along with a frozen eggplant parmesan – yummy!), so I’ll be all leafed up by the end of the day.

Mmmmm…free food.

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